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Ultimate Goldendoodle Grooming Guide

A Labradoodle after receiving dog grooming services.

Goldendoodles and other Poodle mixes have some unique grooming needs. With Doodles becoming such a popular breed, we felt it would be a good idea to highlight some Doodle care tips.

Whether your dog is a Poodle, Poodle mix, or another breed with a similar coat, these curly-haired dogs can be a bit higher maintenance when it comes to grooming and general care, but we hope some of these suggestions will make caring for your Doodle's coat and ears a bit easier.

Getting your Poodle or Poodle Mix professionally groomed on a regular basis is a great first step and will certainly go a long way when it comes to your dog's appearance, health, and happiness.

Because their coats tend to be a bit more prone to matting, visiting your local dog groomer once every 4-8 weeks is especially important for these breeds.

Some Goldendoodles tend to have coats that are almost indistinguishable from Poodle coats, while other Doodles and Poodle mixes such as Yorkipoos, Maltipoos, and Shih Poos, for example, can have coats that are quite straight.

We've met Poodle mixes here that looked almost identical to Poodles, but we've also met a few Labradoodles, for example, that almost had Retriever coats. There can be quite a bit of variance in their coats depending on genetics, or exactly what breeds the parents were. Poodle crossed with Golden Retriever. Doodle crossed with Doodle. Various mixes. Etc.

So, it's important to keep your own dog's specific coat in mind when considering grooming needs and frequency, as opposed to just going based off of breed.

A freshly groomed Poodle mix posing on a chair.

How you care for your Goldendoodle's coat in between dog grooming appointments is just as important.

With the exception of short-haired dogs, most other dogs should probably be periodically brushed to help prevent matted fur. Longer-haired or curly-haired dogs especially. Their coats just can't go 4-8 weeks without seeing a brush.

And there are a lot of variables that can impact how frequently or severely your Doodle gets matted. A couple of examples include whether or not they wear a harness, or whether or not your curly-haired dog visits the beach, swimming pools, and bathtubs.

Many matting issues with Poodles and Poodle mixes stem from towel drying vs. brushing and blow drying. We don't recommend using towels to dry curly-haired dogs because it's kind of a recipe for disaster.

If your Goldendoodle does get wet in between grooming visits, a brush and blow dryer is typically a better bet than a towel. A steel comb, pinhead brush, and slicker brush are great tools for any dog owner to have at home, but especially important if your dog has a curly coat.

When a Poodle or Poodle mix's coat becomes too matted, sometimes the only reasonable and safe solution is to shave their coats down and start fresh, because clippers have a hard time cutting through matted fur. Thankfully, it's only hair, it grows back, and we'll always call or text you ahead of time to let you know our recommended course of action so that there are no surprises. More frequent grooming and brushing will help prevent the need for future shave downs.

Pairing these in-home Doodle care tips with regular trips to your local dog groomer are a great way to help ensure your fur baby's coat looks great, while simultaneously minimizing their matting and maximizing their comfort.

A pair of Goldendoodles standing on pet grooming tables.

One other aspect of Poodle or Poodle mix care that can't be overlooked is their ear health.

These breeds can also be more prone to ear infection, in addition to matting, because the wooly nature of their coats is also present in their ears.

If you ever notice a foul smell in your dog's ear, or that your dog is scratching their ear excessively, it might be time to swing by your vet, or at the least, purchase a dog ear infection treatment solution online and administer it according to the instructions.

More importantly, regular grooming sessions can actually help avoid these situations altogether, because when a Goldendoodle gets professionally groomed, if they happen to have thick, bushy hair in their ears, this hair gets plucked with a hemostat.

This helps more air circulate in your dog's ear and helps prevent moisture from getting trapped, which aids greatly in preventing ear infection.

Poodle mixes like Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Labradoodles, and other Doodles, are beautiful dogs, but we've definitely noticed that some pet owners obtain these canines without realizing the elevated degree of care they require.

At Hip Hip FurRay, we're well-versed in Doodle care.

If you have a Poodle or Poodle Mix you'd like to book dog grooming services for, after selecting your dog's size on our website, simply select Poodle/Poodle Mix Bath & Blow Dry, if your pup doesn't need a haircut, or Poodle/Poodle Mix Grooming if your dog does require a haircut, and we'll be more than happy to meet you and your pup, and ensure their coats and ears stay in tip-top shape.




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