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Why Our Dog Grooming Services Are Different

A freshly groomed Pomeranian posing for the camera.

You don't begin to appreciate great pet grooming, until you've experienced bad pet grooming.

It wasn't long ago. I only two dogs, as opposed to the three I have now. All three of my dogs are short-haired, meaning they're bath-only dogs. Two of them require extremely straightforward baths, and one of them gets oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, because he has dry, flakey skin.

But I remember getting my dogs bathed at a local dog grooming salon, whose name I won't mention. They're not a big box store, but they are a chain or franchise with many locations.

Sometimes, it would work out well. The service would be quick, the communication would be on point, and I'd get my dogs back freshly bathed within a reasonable amount of time, with short nails and they'd smell great, too.

But more often than not, my dogs would be there for hours. Mind you, for baths, not haircuts. I'd call. They wouldn't answer. I'd pace around in the Florida heat, waiting for a call back while my calls would go unanswered for several hours.

I couldn't believe how much time my dogs were spending at the dog grooming salon for a simple bath or two. This was long was before Hip Hip FurRay came into existence.

It happened time and time again, and eventually, I got fed up. Pet grooming for my dogs began to feel like a serious chore. An unpleasant one at that.

Then, Hip Hip FurRay was born. I told myself I was going to make sure every bad experience I ever had at a dog grooming salon, would try to be avoided here to its fullest extent.

Since we opened our pet spa in January of 2023, we've learned a lot. It hasn't been perfect, as nothing ever is. We went through learning curves, growing pains, staffing issues, seasonal fluxes, and just about anything else you can imagine.

But, we learned, we grew, and we satisfied 99.9% of our clientele. I mean, just look at our reviews online. They speak for themselves.

Dog spa towels washed in hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

We've provided dog bathing and grooming services for humans and their canine companions from Miami to West Palm Beach. The overwhelming majority of our customers are quite happy with us, and we're certainly proud of that.

Here are just a few of the many ways our pet grooming services are different.

Our communication is prompt. We call or text as soon as our dog baths or haircuts are complete. Sometimes, we even text 15 minutes ahead of time to let pet owners know their canine will be ready soon.

We only use professional grade, high-quality pet soaps and conditioners in our dog salon. The stories we've heard about professional salons using dish soap to wash their dogs are truly concerning.

We use premium, hypoallergenic laundry detergent to wash our towels. And this theme continues throughout our entire salon, as we attempt to use the cleanest, safest supplies and ingredients possible.

Our staff consists only of passionate dog lovers that have chosen to work in pet spas for the same reason we chose to open one, a love for canines.

Our salon's lobby is spacious and pleasant. It's well decorated, clean, smells good, has comfortable furniture, plays music, and even has a coffee bar.

Most of our dog spa's customers drop off and pick up their dogs, but if you wanted to hang out in our comfy, cozy lobby instead, you totally could, and it would be quite pleasant.

Our services are quick, we don't overbook our staff, and our communication is prompt. We've incorporated every feature we ever wanted in our pet grooming experiences into Hip Hip FurRay, with the goal of building and maintaining a premium pet grooming salon that makes getting your fur baby a bath or a haircut as enjoyable as possible.

We're located in the heart of Boynton Beach, on the corner of Woolbright & Federal in the One Boynton Plaza.

A puppy plays with toys in a dog grooming salon lobby.

Our booking process is fast, easy, and available completely online. Simply visit our online booking calendar, select a date and time that works for you, fill out the details, and you're all set. We look forward to meeting you, and especially, your lovely doggy.




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